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Code Slam at Burda Bootcamp


The high-speed programmers What are 20 programmers able to come up with in four hours? Burda Bootcamp’s new Code Slam event, which took place last week, gave participants two surprise tasks to choose from. Develandoo CEO Albert Stepanyan was the main jury at Burda Bootcamp hackathon event in Munich, participants presented their applications related to Artificial …

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How to Learn Machine Learning? – The Matrix of features and The Dependent Variables Factor


Hey Guys, welcome to the next episode of “How to Learn Machine Learning Tutorials”. In the previous episode, we have learned how to create and process the datasets using R and Python. Moreover, we have got an introduction to dependent and independent variables. In case you have missed it, I definitely recommend checking it out …

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LACS-Lean Approach to Cyber Security

Allegations of hacker attacks across the globe are shaking the minds and spreading fear across industries. Attacks like WannaCry or Stuxnet are no longer carried out by anonymous hackers or people seeking fame. These are well organized and orchestrated attacks often sponsored by large groups that are interested in taking down competitor networks and industrial …