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SCYLLA – Human Behaviour Detection System


Recently I was invited to participate in Innovawe 2017 Business & Startup forum as a speaker in Varna, Bulgaria. Innowave 2017 Business and Startup Conference was an international high tech event, the main accent to which was Innovations in Marketing, Sales and E-Commerce. It was oriented towards the business community, startup community and proactive young …

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LACS-Lean Approach to Cyber Security

Allegations of hacker attacks across the globe are shaking the minds and spreading fear across industries. Attacks like WannaCry or Stuxnet are no longer carried out by anonymous hackers or people seeking fame. These are well organized and orchestrated attacks often sponsored by large groups that are interested in taking down competitor networks and industrial …

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Lets talk A.I.

TUM and Wayra Deutschland hosted a meetup related to Artificial Intelligence and usage in the modern world. Topics were about A.I. and Chatbots, how to implement common A.I. frameworks into modern applications and usage of ML techniques. Main speakers of the event were, Fabian, Co-Founder of eBot-7 and one of leading developers of custom Chatbots, …

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Insurtech Meetup

Enterprises today face a threat landscape that continues to evolve and become increasingly more perilous. Corporates recognize the need for their companies to become resilient at the same time acknowledging the importance of cyber security.Cyber Battlefield is a war with real losses of assets and sometimes lives. The most important here is to constantly innovate …