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SCYLLA – Human Behaviour Detection System


Recently I was invited to participate in Innovawe 2017 Business & Startup forum as a speaker in Varna, Bulgaria.

Innowave 2017 Business and Startup Conference was an international high tech event, the main accent to which was Innovations in Marketing, Sales and E-Commerce. It was oriented towards the business community, startup community and proactive young entrepreneurial people. The goal of the event was to encourage innovative and creative thinking and to create a favourable environment in which participants can exchange successful business models, experience and good practices. Innowave 2017 Business and Startup Conference was being held in partnership with Municipality Varna (European Youth Capital 2017) and with the support of the Ministry of Economy and the Prime minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


One of the main topics was Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.

My outcome was that I had a chance to demystify all hype around AI and show a real use case how AI technologies help people do their duties. As a result I proudly presented latest product by Develandoo project name SCYLLA.



Project codename SCYLLA is a real-time human behaviour detection system combined with object classification which is used in law enforcement organisations or space and defence sector.

Scylla is placed on security cameras, surveillance systems or UAVs (military drones) to track, detect and target human beings who are classified under violence or crime or possess weapons. It also includes advanced face detection system.

develandoo-artificial-intelligence (2)

The audience enjoyed the talk and the demo, and we could recruit new people who would be later interested to work as data scientists in Develandoo.

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